DETECTING THE INVISIBLE, FINDING THE IMPOSSIBLE with our Leakage and Ingress localizing solutions

Download our white paper to learn how to capture return path ingress events and reduce subscriber downtime from days to hours to minutes with the GPS-based Ingress Detection Solution from the CPAT FLEX Continuous Monitoring System

Return path ingress is transient, and makes detection a constant struggle for cable operators. Therefore, current detection methods translate into tremendous technician time loss, compromised customer confidence and significant revenue loss.

A study carried in 2017 across several MSOs showed that while cable operators monitored events in the VHF and UHF bands, they fail to capture 25% of return path ingress cable network impairments. Effigis exclusive GPS-based Ingress Detection Solution corrects this failure, with technology that enables technicians to localize ingress within a few meters.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How to capture an additional 25% of the return path ingress events and reduce subscriber downtime from days to hours while reducing truck rolls;
  • How the CPAT FLEX Ingress Detection Solution can work as a stand-alone or a value-added complement to existing PNM tools and full-band capture cable modem.

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