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How long has Effigis’ CPAT Solutions been in the cable leakage/ingress detection business?

We have been offering MSOs cable leakage/ingress audit patrol services since 1995 and fully automated continuous leakage monitoring services since 2005.Effigis started operating in 1991 and built its reputation on developing custom business solutions for a wide variety of business customers requiring GPS/GIS technologies, including in the cable industry 

Does the CPAT WEB service rely on any third party software or hardware solutions to provide me with leakage information reports and system CLI calculations?

No, Effigis has developed all of its hardware and software design in-house to prevent its CPAT WEB service from becoming technologically obsolescent. Effigis’ engineering department has extensive RF, Cable TV and GPS/GIS software and hardware design expertise. We strongly believe that to properly control the design, operations and future development of our service, we must create a unique, complete and fully integrated solution from a hardware and software perspective.

Do I need to purchase any equipment to operate CPAT WEB Service?

No, you don’t need to buy any equipment since the CPAT WEB business model only requires annual service fees. To operate CPAT WEB, you only need to install an autonomous recording device (ARD4) and either a DRV3 or ITX2 in any of your service/install vehicles to automatically detect and store leakage/ingress events. You will only need a PC with a Web browser application to view your leakage/ingress patrol results. 

Do I need to purchase digital maps to operate CPAT WEB?

No, digital maps are included for territories covered under the CPAT WEB agreement.

Do I need to install an ARD4 in all of my vehicles?

No, we have successfully demonstrated since 2005 that operators are not required to have ARD4s installed in 100% of their service/install vehicles in order to cover their HFC plant on a quarterly basis, as required by the FCC. The number of ARD4’s that must be installed depends on the density of the network plant to be patrolled (i.e.:urban, rural). 

Are there any annual calibration/maintenance fees for CPAT WEB?

No, calibration and maintenance services are part of the annual service fees.

What is the normal warranty period for the Effigis CPAT FLEX products?

The Effigis CPAT products carry a one-year warranty but we do offer 2 and 3 year extended plans.

Can CPAT WEB dispatch work orders to my technicians?

Yes. Work orders can be dispatched manually or automatically via a set of operator-defined rules (e-mail sent to technician or supervisor). CPAT WEB can also be optionally interfaced to your trouble ticketing, customer service or fleet management application. 

I have co-located system plants operating on different authorized leakage frequencies and patrolled by a single service vehicle. How will CPAT FLEX handle this situation?

Since the CPAT FLEX leakage products’ operating frequency is agile, it will tune itself to the proper allocated leakage patrol frequency with no intervention required from the technician.

Does any detachable cable leakage meter come with the CPAT FLEX service?

No. Our design philosophy calls for a secure, non-distractive, no intervention approach for the technician driving the service vehicle during his normal daily routine to avoid disruption of his work schedule. Since CPAT FLEX proactively detects leakage/ingress events, we believe that event repairs should be handled and dispatched automatically through the usual MSO trouble call proceduresto ensure proper job priority.

How can I change the settings on my DRV3 LITE?

Simply download the mobile application from Apple Store or Google Play.


How can I see the leakage event I detected?

Go to the Event Map/Event Listing at the bottom of the options on the left-hand side. You can select your ARD4 serial number and uncheck ‘All Systems’.

Does the ARD4 lose the data collected if it does not upload to the CPAT WEB?

No, the unit has an internal memory that can store data up to 3 months’ worth of continuous patrol. 

Why is the DIAG LED on the ARD4 flashing red?

The device is not properly configured in CPAT WEB or there is a communication problem caused by faulty USB cable or USB ports.  

My units are defective. How and where can I get them serviced?

Simply complete the RMA online request form.

How can I tell if the ARD4 is uploading data?

When the ARD4 has established connection with the FTP server, the COM LED will turn on green.

How can I tell if the ARD4 has uploaded the data?

Go to CPAT WEB, select  Reports, then select Module statistics,  and then select Egress report.